Eastport Lights Parade 2017 Hotwash

We made it.  Although there were some technical difficulties, we were in the Lights Parade.

It started off and continued throughout the parade to be snowy.  It made it difficult since I’m still recruiting and my sole recruit right now is my 3 year old son, Tripp.  He was a great First Mate for the parade, but doesn’t replace a number of adult hands.  On Thursday we went out to EYC with Giuliana, my 3 month old daughter, to decorate the boat and attend the Skipper’s meeting.  My wife had an adults-only conflict so I had both of them with me.  While I got a good amount done, it wasn’t enough.

On Saturday we arrived to an inch of snow.  I love snow, but it made for cold and wet hands while I finished decorating.  And, it turns out someone, (cough, cough, Tripp), flipped the battery charger breaker.  I learned that even on shore power, the lights draw only from the battery and not from shore power.  I also learned to leave one battery off and in reserve, if possible.  So we waited for the battery to charge while the parade started.  We were in Angel Fleet (downriver first half, up Spa Creek second half), but we had to join Star Fleet and only go in the second half.  We still got to go up “Ego Alley” and Tripp was as happy as can be!

Tripp and I stayed on board overnight and met my wife and daughter for the awards.  As a complete surprise, we won the Commodore’s Award for Best Sailboat!!!

Annapolis Capital Gazette story – link and pdf of the story.


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