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Do I have to be in shape

Sailing is a sport that can be physically demanding, but there are many roles on a team.  Some of the big professional teams have members on shore.

Also, Dave is a certified personal trainer.  He is happy to help you prepare for the physical aspect of sailing.  If you are under the care of a physician, please share any guidelines or limitations given by your doctor.

Is it fast-paced or dull on the water

It all depends on the wind. On the water we must give in to nature and use sailing skills to harness the wind and tides and best we can. He can be physically grueling on a windy day and you’ll walk away with some bruises and scrapes. Or we could be laying back lounging over lunch if the wind is dead.

Is therapy guided by medical or therapeutic purposes

No. All are welcome. If you are under the care of a doctor, we recommend an evaluation and recommendation as to the extent of your participation.


How can I help

It is up to you. Something as simple as sharing the word with others is appreciated. Donations of money, time, and/or still are also appreciated. You can use the donate button or email us for more information!

Do I need to know how to sail

No! Veterans and their families are welcome to join, regardless of skill level. In fact, we are excited to teach newcomers to the sport. Youth are also welcome – sailing is a great sport to teach independence, focus, and STEM subjects.