Measuring for New Sails

You heard right.  We are getting new sails and taking advantage of the off season rates.

They are Warp Drive Cruise 6.11 (Challenge) from Precision Sails in Victoria, British Columbia.  Their service was great to date.  We do our own measurements, which is what some of the higher-priced sailmakers would come out to do.  I personally enjoyed getting out on a nice day and learning more about the boat.  And the forms they send were easy to follow!

Here is some info about the material used from their website and check out the photos, below.

Challenge Warp Drive Dacron (Radial)

Challenge Warp Drive Dacron (Radial)

Warp Drive is a radial Dacron with straight warp fibers which prevent the cloth from elongating over time in the warp direction. The straight warp fibers allow for a radial Dacron sail with minimal stretch.

A major advantage of radial construction is that the warp yarns closely follow the load lines in the sail, so the stability of the air-foil depends much less on the bias strength of the cloth. This means that the sail doesn’t rely on resin to maintain its camber, and as a result holds its shape much longer, long after the crosscut sail has been distorted. One can make a sail that holds its shape with a softer, easy to handle material.

Warp-Drive is also a highly desired cloth over a laminate if mildew is an issue where you live.

This cloth is not the cloth of choice in high UV areas of the world due to the high count of fine fibers used in the fill direction.


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